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I never thought I'd be making websites for a living, or that it would be going so well. For the last few years me life has turned into the classic entrepreneurial story of seeing a market need and deciding to fill it. Now I've always been a computer guy, always helping family members with technical needs. However, my true passion was starting a business. I got my degree in business management and began working at a financial firm when I graduated. My boss at the time was using GoDaddy to build his website. He had apparently already been working with them for half a year by the time I started my job. They would promise all kinds of services, claiming they could quickly be done, then turning around to add all kinds of fees, as well as stretching it out as long as possible.

A year goes by (along with thousands of dollars) and we finally have the website completed. We had to go through so many people just to talk to an expert and even then the expert would lie to us and try to sell us something. The whole time I watched this go down I thought to myself "how on earth can a company be so terrible, and still get business?" I decided I would look into what it took to create a website. During that year, I gained lots of experience in aiding GoDaddy employees on building our website so I figured I already had a leg up.

I looked through all the different platforms, prices, etc. Eventually I built my first ecommerce website. I used Aliexpress to drop-ship products and created advertisements on Facebook to sell them. Things went well. I went on to start two more ecommerce stores, each one selling to a different niche. Looking back I saw that I had a pretty impressive record. I had built websites using WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. I knew which one was best for each type of business and how to maximize what you spend for what you get.

Someone in my hometown heard that I was building websites and asked for my help. I told them I would do it for a couple hundred bucks and they couldn't believe it. Of course I accepted and had their website done in a couple days. I figured hey, if I keep charging those rates, I could be getting tons of business just by being ludicrously cheaper than my competitors. On top of that, they could call me and it'll be just me, no robots, no putting the customer through five different people just to ask a question.

So here I am now, doing what I love and trying to help others become business owners themselves. I have yet to acquire one unsatisfied customer. I genuinely love talking to my clients and hearing about their goals and visions. I love helping them learn about dropshipping, search for products, and getting them sales. I also enjoy hearing from them in the future, informing me on how their business is going, and relying on us as consultants. Because after all, we've done it time and time again.

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