what it usually costs



"There’s more than one way to price a website. There are two ways you can end up with a price for your website: fixed bid or hourly. For fixed bid, you will receive a figure like $5,000. With an hourly price tag, you will pay someone $100 an hour for as long as it takes to complete the project."



"A website where customers can browse and purchase products; integration of a payment gateway is necessary, as is imagery, copy-writing, a CMS, and beta testing. Upfront cost: $5,000 to $40,000"


Mark BrinkierData

"For web developers that did list their prices, we found that the going rate in 2017 to build a modern, professional small business website was typically $3,000-$6,000 but could be as much as $20,000 depending on the number of pages on the site and the amount of customization required."

Beware of free and crazy low prices!

Our competitors like to deceive you by saying it'll only be a few bucks and month. They all offer tons of "free" and "easy to use templates". However, we don't want you to fall into the trap that countless people have run into already. We are so confident in ourselves that we want you to look at our competitors! Below are examples of this pricing and some of the companies that offer it, we included consumer reports to see how they hold up. Our company was founded on seeing a problem in the industry and saying "Hey, let's give an inexpensive, upfront price and then provide great customer service till they are satisfied". An alternative to all this bait and trap pricing that runs rampant in the industry.

We want you to see our competitors prices and consumer reports


—  Joseph of Homestead, FL

Right from the start the representatives were trying to inflate the worth of a 11 year parked domain site...GoDaddy asked for my price settings and immediately set theirs as the only value that is acceptable by the way it was $4900.00. Just a commission scam